One Man Offline
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One Man Offline

I’m having a frustrating evening. I’ve stacked up a series of blog posts for my various blogs, and I can’t publish them. There isn’t even a sniff of the cafe WiFi that we’re meant to have access to in this apartment, so I’m left with the unpleasant choice of venturing out into a blustery Norwich night in search of some WiFi, or tapping out an entry of two on the Movable Type iPhone interface.

And you know what? The iPhone interface is pretty good. You can forget putting any links in, of course, but that’s as much to do with the iPhone’s lack of cut and paste than a failing of Six Apart’s work with the interface.

It occurs to me that I should actually invest some time in experimenting seriously with the iPhone as a mobile blogging tool. Expect a few more experimental posts over the remainder of my stay here in Norfolk.


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