3 Mobile Broadband: Upload Speeds Not Good

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

![Caffé Nero on 3G](http://www.onemanandhisblog.com/pics/2008/Caffé Nero on 3G-thumb-250x209.png)

Incidentally, the [last post](http://www.onemanandhisblog.com/archives/2008/04/thoughts_from_the_tuttle_club.html) was all done using that 3 Mobile dongle I’m testing. Normally, I’d just leap on the BTOpenzone WiFi while in a Caffé Nero, but I thought I’d put the mobile broadband through its paces.
And it’s more-or-less fine. The only real weakness is the painfully slow photo uploading. I tried uploading a pic both directly to my blog, and to Flickr, and uploads in both cases were pitifully slow. 
This is a real weakness of the service for me, as a generally pic-heavy blogger. The resized pic on this post was somewhat quicker to upload, but still, it wasn’t really an acceptable speed for such a small image.
Anyway, I’m off to catch a train. I’ll try to update this post from the train…
Update: Just managed to get a connection, as we pulled out of Charing Cross. Will it last, though?
Update 2: Just arrived at London Bridge, and all is good.
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