Work Update: Testing Movable Type 4
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Work Update: Testing Movable Type 4

Planning for TestingAh, first day back at work after several days off sick, and right into server upgrade hell. The good news: we have a fully working “snapshot” upgrade of our current Movable Type Enterprise install into Movable Type 4 with Enterprise Solution. Hurrah.

However, there’s something to do before we go live. Testing. (Oh, and training, but that’s grist for another post.) We have to do a robust set of tests on this new server configuration, before we push it live. If we don’t do it in a structured, formal way, we don’t get to push it live.

Now, that’s fair. We didn’t test the initial install properly when we started, and have been suffering the consequences of some, uh, “challenging” install decisions since. However, reinterpreting testing guidelines designed for software we write ourselves becomes challenging when we’re working with bought-in software.After a period of time where we were all talking at cross-purposes, I’m now reasonably confident that we have a plan in progress that will make sure we get the server performance we need. But it’s pretty much eaten my day. Ah, well. A late night in the office is to be expected when you’ve just been off sick for two and a half days.

RBI folks reading this can learn more detail on my internal blog. And the rest of you, uh, can’t. That’s why it’s an internal blog… 🙂


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