Liveblogging 24 Hours of Regional Journalism
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Liveblogging 24 Hours of Regional Journalism

And this is her on her personal blog, [Headline & Deadlines](
> Tuesday May 13 will be the day I go grey, bite off all my nails, and possibly take up smoking again. For Tuesday is the day the LDP goes live for a day. From 7am when the first stories are uploaded to until 1am when the last page is sent down to the press room, our decisions and actions will be live to the world and up for scrutiny and questioning.

This is why I love blogging. It can be so personal and compelling.

The Liverpool Daily Post team are using [Cover It Live](, a neat little widget which allows readers to comment into the live blogging stream. I’m not 100% convinced that it’s better than the regularly updated blog post approach, but the sheer ease of adding comments does seem to encourage interactivity.
> [Via [Joanna Geary](]


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