coComment Users: A Warning [Updated x3]

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Thanks to a heads-up from Paul, I’ve just discovered that coComment blocks commenting on this blog. People using the coComment Firefox extension will not be able to comment here at all if they’re using any form of sign-in to the blog (eg OpenID), getting back an “invalid request” message. This is a coComment bug, not one with Movable Type.

coComment has been aware of this issue for nearly a year, and has yet to resolve it (see below). My apologies to coComment users – there is nothing I can do about this.

Update: Here are the specific circumstances where coComment causes commenting to fail

  • Browser: Firefox 3.01
  • Platform: Windows XP SP3 and Mac OSX 10.5.5
  • Extension: coComment Firefox Extension installed

When I comment with the extension disabled  it works fine. I enable the extension, the commenting fails. I disable it again, commenting works. I’ve tested this on several different computers, with different OSes, as mentioned above. It replicates simply and perfectly

Update 2: More information – the failure seems to occur specifically when commenting using a login – either Movable Type native or OpenID in its various flavours. Non signed-in commenters should be fine.

**Update 3:  **This has been successfully resolved by coComment.


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