Web 2.0 Expo Berlin for Journalists
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Web 2.0 Expo Berlin for Journalists

Web Analytics and User Experience for Web 2.0
Getting journalists to focus on metrics can be hard enough – if we’re not on top of the latest thinking on how you measure engagement as well as the blunt instrument of page views is essential, if we’re to make a real case for metrics-based planning.

Niche Online Social Networks FTW
Lee Bryant of Headshift is always good value, and any presentation with FTW is, well, FTW. 🙂 More than that, though, understanding the niches we operate in as publishers, and the role of niche networks both in our reporting and in serving our communities is going to be critical going forwards.
Changing the World for the Better Using Web 2.0**
Campaigning journalism 2.0? FTW. 🙂

Web 2.0 vs the Water Cooler
This one’s squarely for those of us in the B2B space. How is Web 2.0 going to change workplace communication? And how does that affect those of us who make our living providing information into those workplaces?

*If you’re going to be at the show, remember (a) to le me know, so we
can meet up and (b) that you can get a discount on your entry fee. *


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