Morning Coffee Reading - 6/1/09

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Morning EspressoThings noted in my RSS reading in the last few days:

- [H]( [ow SEO is changing journalism]( – I’m late to this one, but it’s an excellent explanation of why certain SEO skills are vital to the modern journalist. Shane Richmond really knows his stuff.  - [How the Air Force Responds to Blogs]( – fascinating flowchart developed by the US air force deal with discussion of them on blogs. It’s a flowchart for conversations… - [JPG Magazine closes]( – don’t assume that UGC will save you. This user-generated magazine was the poster child for user content, and it’s gone. - [Wherever the media is going, it’ll need subs and editors]( – interesting ideas in here, particularly on how to structure groups blogs almost like traditional  magazines to make them work. That’s something I’ve seen at work on AOL’s blogs.  - [There will always be an audience for good stories, I hope]( – Me, too.
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