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President Obama has a blog

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I must confess that I’m having a bad dose of the “bah humbug”s today, as I grump and work at my desk while people all around me, virtually and physically, get very excited by the inauguration of President Obama. (It’s Tony Blair’s fault, I think – I was so very excited when he was elected and felt so very betrayed by him at the end.)

But one thing has emerged which I am excited about – the relaunched has a blog.

That’s right. This is the first blogging presidency. It’s open for debate about how significant this is for the presidency itself – but it’s a pretty darn good endorsment of blogging.

Bloggers are all sad individuals blogging in their bedrooms? Well, if one of those bedrooms is in the White House, perhaps people have a little rethinking to do…

Update: Daniel Bennett has a nice take on the new blog over at the Frontline Club.

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