The Journalism Debate Needs to be More Prosaic

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

All Around The iMacI’ve realised why I’ve not been blogging here much of late. Initially, I thought it was because I was just plain busy – but that’s not true. Busyness has never stopped me before. I think it’s more that the journalism blogosphere is, for one reason or another, busy discussing things that aren’t where my head is at right now.

The major difference in my life over the past three months is that I’ve moved from a general evangelising role to a sleeves rolled up, hands on, working with individual markets and journalists role, and that means a lot of the issues I’m thinking about most are more, well, prosaic, that the theory arguments going on right now:
- How do you get journalists to work blogging into their daily routine? - How do you provide them with the right tools in a managed corporate IT environment? - How do you create time for experimentation online when costs – and people – are being cut? - How do you deal with some of the management consequences of success? - How can you move valuable internal experience around the business quickly? - How can you expose more people internally to the best thinking outside the business?
I’m pleased to say that RBI is making good strides in all of these areas, but I do find it concerning that arguments we did to death a couple of years ago (paid versus free, bloggers versus journalists) are rearing their heads across the journo blogosphere again, just at the point where *doing* things is more important than *talking* about them. 

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