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Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

IMG00167-thumb-180x135-41258.jpgI hope you’ll excuse me another link to the Estates Gazette Focus team’s blog (I used to be part of that team, and I have a huge soft spot for them), but I’m just loving that they’ve been allowing their work experience teenager to blog for them. Hannah is studying for her GSCEs and likes the idea of being a journalist. Her posts so far are below:

- [A week on the Focus desk: Day 1](http://www.estatesgazette.com/blogs/focus/2009/07/a-week-on-the-focus-desk-day-1.html) - [Day 2](http://www.estatesgazette.com/blogs/focus/2009/07/a-week-on-the-focus-desk-day-2.html) - [Day 3](http://www.estatesgazette.com/blogs/focus/2009/07/a-week-on-the-focus-desk-day-3.html)
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