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Sample Tweets from people I follow in the last couple of hours that I found of use

@lawtweets OUT-LAW: Government resists bringing US-style class actions to English courts

@weirdnews Dead shark left in Miami street after failed sale (AP)

@London_Law_Firm “True genius lies in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous and conflicting information” Winston S Churchill

@LawWriter LawWriter is Reading Lawsuit of the Day: Don’t Tase and Threaten Me With Sodomy, Bro.

@Charonqc Can you imagine what the MASONS wd make of Twitter? …. @Tubalcain @Jahweh @worshipfulmaster @33rddegree @Grandlodge2009… excellent!

@rsylvester Jason Stephens of the WPD worked undercover at Highlands Gastro Pub and Card Room. He is testifying for the defense.

@rsylvester Stephens: ‘I tried to develop a strategy of my own.’ Asst. AG Tim Riemann: ‘How did that work out for you?’ Stephens: ‘It didnt.’

Blogs that I discovered since Monday

Overlawyered – perhaps the longest running US law blog around

The complexlitigator – US class action lawyer

Courtconfessions – Brilliant photo blogger sits outside court taking photos of people and recording their stories

What the Judge Ate for Breakfast – Blog from the Wichita courts, includes the brilliant RSylvester who twitters from inside court and a new series of videos on the Wichita court system that can be viewed here.

The Unsung Joe – Where bit part actors go when they die – Record of the often tragic lives behind some of the bit part actors who never really made it in Hollywood.

Obnoxio the Clown – Take a look for yourself – I recommend “Were on the fucking moon” that you can see above.

Well, perhaps the media is the mass-age.

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