Thanks to My Guest Posters

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth
I owe a big “thank you” to the guest posters who filled in for me last week, while I was rambling around the Cornish coast. My three vigorous volunteers were:
- Rebecca Froley of *Computer Weekly* who posted about [Off The Job Training for Journalists]( She can be found blogging at [WITsend]( - Simon Clark, who works for Approved Index, blogged about [Social Networks at Work]( He can be found tweeting at [@simonrclark]( - Christian Metcalfe of *Estates Gazette, who* posted about [Lego Dioramas and Baby Killers]( And he can be found blawging on the [Property Law Blog]( 
Thanks, guys!
*(I did intend to have 5 guest posters, but a combination of *[*paternity*](* and password problems stopped two of them posting.)*
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