Le Web: Kevin Marks' Words that Define the Web

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth
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Great presentation from Kevin Marks about the words that help to define the understanding of the way the web is changing things. Some negative, some positive and some neutral. 
**Flow**  Rather than information being pushed to us through a decisive act like sending an e-mail, we receive it in a flow of activity from following people. We need to learn to live (adapt?) to the flow.
We expect the personal, and the personalised. A large part of our brain is about faces. 
**Phatic** **“If there’s someone you have a model of in your head, someone you know, you do care about what they had for lunch, that they’re in Paris.” You can follow someone without them agreeing it it first. ****Semi-overlapping publics** There are many public – everyone on the web sees a different world (a point danah made earlier). When we follow people we collect a peer group to interpret and make sense of the world. And then they become filters.

**Small world Networks. **
It’s easy for information to flow through them, because there are both short range and long-range links. 

People decide that other people don’t belong. It’s analogous to countries. 

People who connect – the “life and soul of the party”. 

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