Afternoon Coffee Reading - 7th Jan 2010

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Yeah, yeah, I know. I was *busy *this morning…

- [Blog or Bog Off]( – preach it, brother - [We’re all technologists now]( – gadgets are in the mainstream - [Journalism start-ups should think mobile first]( – there are [more mobiles sold per year]( than there are computers in use. Thank about what that means… - There’s only one secret to [building your social media presence]( (apparently) - Mashable has [dozens for you](…
And for the video folks:
- Another [review of the Zi8]( - A first look at the [Sony Bloggie]( (that name makes me cringe)
And finally, here’s Sutton looking all scenic in the snow:
[![Sutton in the Snow](](
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