Afternoon Tea Reading 12th Jan 2010

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

The renaming just for Martin (blog, twitter) who asked if I ever drank tea…

- [News International starting to block paid-for aggregators from crawling its sites]( The paywall cometh… - [Which Flip should I buy?]( Nice analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the various pocket video cameras. - [Should publications host blogs for their community?]( Almost certainly. We need to get over teh fear of uncontrolled content and stop ghettoising “reader blogs”, though.  - [Demand Media is coming to the UK]( Be afraid. They do SEO-driven content better than you, whoever you are. Better think of a new strategy… - [A hyperlocal news ebook]( - Paul Conley has some [gloomy predictions for B2B media]( (Note: he’s talking about RBI in the US) - [5 Sources of Thinking on New Journalism](
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