Occasionally in recent months, I’ve bemoaned the lack of innovation in blog platforms. However, I’m not being very precise in my use of language there. What I actually mean is the lack of innovation in self-hosted blog platforms – ones you actually upload to your own servers. In the world of hosted blog platforms there’s a whole world of interesting stuff going on. [Tumblr](http://www.tumblr.com), [Posterous](http://www.posterous.com), [Typepad Micro](http://www.typepad.com/micro/features/) and [Squarespace](http://www.squarespace.com) are all creating new paradigms for the blog platform, one that I want to explore more in the coming months. For example, I’ve spent part of this morning setting up a group blog on Posterous for a work-related event coming up soon.
And I’ve decided to connect OM&HB to Posterous as a side-project to see how it goes. 
This post was written in my e-mail client and posted directly to Posterous, from where it should find its way to my blog. Fingers crossed…
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