Afternoon Coffee Reading - 10th May 2010

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth
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The “Parliament can go hang itself” edition…
- [Where next for the Telegraph’s digital strategy?]( – Interesting analysis of newspaper digital strategy post-Will Lewis. The recent exodus of digital innovators from our national newspapers worries me.  - [Something rotten in the social media woodshed]( – the relationship between social media media sentiment and actual polling doesn’t seem to square. - [Guido makes a similar point more bluntly]( – Basically, Twitter doesn’t reflect the opinions of the public as a whole. It’s still a clear subset – one whose views do not reflect the national mood. - “[If journalism is the first draft of history, live blogging is the first draft of journalism](” – Andrew Sparrow of *The Guardian* on liveblogging the election.  - [Why Twitter looks like a social network but feels like news media]( – Interesting. Not sure I agree, but still interesting.
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