On Newspapers Stealing Bloggers' Journalism

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Just to counterbalance the “bloggers are parasites on our work” meme that seems prevalent in some publishing circles:

> On Friday, I broke a tasty story about a woman suing Google, claiming bad directions caused her to get hit by a vehicle. Today, I discover our story is everywhere, often with no attribution. Come along and watch how the mainstream media, which often claims bloggers rip it off, does a little stealing of its own.
It’s a compelling story of [the shameless arrogance and disrespect](http://daggle.com/mainstream-media-stole-news-story-credit-1906) some papers treat people breaking stories – and how calling them out can have an impact. 
Daniel Bennett has a [good, analytical take on the situation](http://mediatingconflict.blogspot.com/2010/06/on-traditional-media-stealing-stories.html).
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