When Radio Talks Blogging, I Yell at the Radio

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

I am becoming one of those middle-aged guys who yells at the radio. I passed this terrible threshold of ageing yesterday, as I relaxed in the bath. I’m normally a shower guy, but once in a while I treat myself to a soak. And it’s quite a treat. But this week, Radio 4 went and ruined it.

Sheila Dillon of the *Food Programme* was exploring the world of [amateur food photography](http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00sn7f1), a perfectly amiable subject for a soak. And, even better, it was featuring local (to me) blogger Ele of [Kitchenist](http://www.kitchenist.com/cooking/farmers-market/more-than-four-veg/2495), and Blackheath Farmers Market, which I’ve [been known to frequent](http://adam.tinworth.org/2009/11/blackheath-farmers-market.html). 
All very lovely, until Dillon asked how many people visited the blog. Near 400 daily, suggested Ele. “400 complete strangers going to your blog!” exclaimed Dillon, shock and surprise evident in her voice. This is, of course, where I started shouting.
Oh, God bless the mainstream media and their self-centred myopia. Heaven forbid that a well-written, entertaining amateur publication should pick up an audience without the support of the mainstream media. I work for a branch of the mainstream media, and I find this offensive and patronising. So goodness only knows what the blog-savvy, non-journalist listeners thought. 
It’s a constant source of disbelief to me that so many journalists are so utterly unaware of the media landscape in which they live these days. And until that changes, I imagine I’ll be shouting at the radio more and more…
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