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Le Web 10 - Counting Down The Days

I’ve just finished an hour or two looking at Paris hotels. Why? Because it’s coming around to the Le Web time, and I need to get my ducks in a row.

Le Web has become, I think, the major gathering point of the European Web 2.0 community each December – significant enough now that more and more major players from the states are making the trip over. This will be my fifth Le Web, and my first as one of [the official bloggers]( What does that mean? I’ll be doing [all the liveblogging I normally do](, except with a little more access to speakers and organisers – which will be cool. 
Here’s a video outlining what to expect this year:
I’m really looking forward to it. Le Web seems to go through cycles of controversy, from 2006’s “[political hijack](” to 2008 “[deepfreeze](“. That makes this year a controversial year – and that should be a blast.
There’s still time to sign up [to join us in Paris]( Let me know if you’re going to be there…

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