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Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Jason Goldman

A man who’s leaving Twitter is on stage, talking about the site’s future. He told the company that he was leaving on Friday, but he’s staying on in an advisory role. But that doesn’t mean that Jason Goldman doesn’t have views on the future of the company.

Sure, he covered much of the common ground; Reassurance that they’re not going to steamroller all app categories, like they did on mobile devices; News that they’re offering out Promoted Tweets to others; that sort of thing.

An intresting discussion then followed about the biggest mistakes made – Goldman suggests its when they added too much complexity. In particular, the IM functionality that would fail over between IM or text message depending on where you when was too complex – a nice solution that left the users wondering where the tweets would actual turn up. In fact, Goldman suggests that sometimes offering options is the wrong thing to do – it;s just a away of avoiding making a decision and pushing that to the users to do instead.

What’s next? “We need to create a better consumption experience.” It’s hard for people to find the content that people will be interested in right now – they need to improve that, and the suggested users is only a first step in that direction.

But then, he’s not going to be the one to do it, so he took the chance to reminisce about canvassing to change the product name to “fleeting” and writning the status blog posts during the worst of the “Fail Whale” days. He’s not quitting to join anything in particular, or to start up something new he claims. We shall see…

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