Page loading speed, readability and efficiency have all been topics of debate here in the last six months, driven by great work by some of our architects. This is, I think, A Good Thing. It’s both good site hygiene. Increasing broadband speeds have made many people complacent about how their sites perform, while, at the same time, there’s a growing movement amongst the more savvy website builders to streamline their sites. Blogs have been through a cycle from one sidebar to multiple sidebars, and slowly back to one, or even none. Indeed, I’m planning to revamp this blog with a much cleaner design sometime in the next couple of months.

However, the real giveaway that something is becoming a trend on the web is that people are starting to build products to solve the problem. I’ve noted [Safari’s new Reader view before](, and am a regular user of [Instapaper]( The core technology underlying Reader – [Readability]( – has evolved further. Anil Dash has published a long post [looking at Readibility](, its ability to enforce clean design on cluttered sites, and a business model attached to it. Here’s a video giving a broad overview:
[Readability – Enjoy Reading, Support Writing]( from [Arc90]( on [Vimeo](
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