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Some Afternoon Coffee Links

A couple of interesting links, that make an excellent *aperitif *to my last post:

- [The Newsonomics of Apple/Press+/Google’s pay-for-all](http://www.niemanlab.org/2011/02/the-newsonomics-of-the-applegooglepress-pay-for-all/) – nice breakdown of the key issues around the Apple subs model, publishers’ reaction to it and the relevance of the Google alternative. Somewhat more nuanced and insightful than 95.387% of the rest of the blogging on the subject, myself included. 🙂 - [Some insight into why so many magazine publishers are acting in a panicky way](http://paidcontent.co.uk/article/419-the-10-year-view-uk-magazine-sales-hit-another-low/)…