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Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

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I have a new app on my iPhone: [Photosynth]( Yes, a Microsoft app. Cognitive dissonance ahoy. 😉
But it’s a great tool, on that allows you to quickly and simply build rich panoramas of your environment. Hence, it’s one I expect to see journalists using fairly quickly.
My collegue Stacey has been enthusiastic about Photosynth since she saw it demoed at the [second news:rewired](, and it [crops up on her blog occasionally]( You can see why. It’s just such a boon for a property journalist…
However, I think it has far more application for journalists generally, as a way of getting a very vivid view of a scene or event onto the web. I looked at a fairly perfunctory [video of a police raid]( in my neck of the woods the other morning. It would have been far more interesting as a panorama of this sort. 
Having this sort of technology right on the iPhone just makes it an even richer potential reporting tool. I did a quick test run of the app out the front of Quadrant House a few minutes ago:
Imagine that sort of thing for a demo, or a sporting event, or a disaster site.
Or, dare I say it, a royal wedding? 
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