Mac Tip: Where did I read that?
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Mac Tip: Where did I read that?

One of the nice things about shifting from a corporate employee to freelance consultant-for-hire type, is completely defining my own work style and tools. For example, I just figured out how to solve the “where did I read that?” issue that often plagues me when blogging. For example, while writing this for NEXT, I wanted to refers back to a couple of blog posts I’d read. This is how I ensure that I have the last month’s worth of blog reading available to me at all times.

My Mac RSS readers of choice is [Reeder]( It has this handy little setting:
[![Reeder read settings](](
With things set up like that, I have a 30 day archive of my subscribed feeds, one that’s searchable offline, like this:
[![Searching Reeder](](
Dead handy that. Next to sort out is long-term reference storage, which is probably going to involve Evernote and Instapaper in some clever way…


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