Like Minds Exeter 2012 Liveblogs - day two

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Like Minds founder Scott Gould

Links to my liveblogs of day two of Like Minds Exeter 2012

## Morning
- [John Rosling: is the chief executive the chief entrepreneur]( – an inspiring talk on being an inspring leader (and how to lead rather than manage) - [Rajeeb Dey: the path to entrepreneurship]( – a young, successful entrepreneur lays out how others can follow in his tracks - [JP Hamilton: good business is personal]( – Virgin Media’s Pioneers programme is doing both social and economic good. Here’s how… - [Alan Moore: a navigation guide to a better future]( – fantastic climax to the morning, with a clear vision for how our organisations need to chance to compete in the new era
![Andrew Gerrard](


- [Peter Shankman: Forget Likes, be liked]( – live via Skype, Peter gave the most entertaining talk of the festival, highlighting the human in the network - [Endeavour: GoodPeople’s platform for social enterprise]( – Anton Chernikov outlines a vision for making a communication tool to find people for social enterprises - [Neville Hobson: Take courage]( – Neville concludes the event with a rousing call for the courage needed to make change happen
![Harry Duns at work](
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