Martin Varsavsky: how to be successfully lazy

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Martin Varsavsky The founder and CEO of Fon is coming out of the closet – as someone who doesn’t work that hard. He doesn’t think that entrepreneurs need to work that hard, despite the traditional image. How does he do this?

  • He never watches TV – just YouTube and Netflix sometimes.
  • He doesn’t watch sports – but he does them.
  • He reads few books – but he writes a lot, ask yourself: “am I prepared to give 20 hours of my life to this person?”
  • Guys spend an average of 83 minutes grooming themselves. He spends 10 minutes.
  • He flies his own page and has a driver. That saves time – but is “elitist” he admits.
  • He almost never talks on the phone – he uses messaging clients instead.
  • He doesn’t drink.
  • He doesn’t do business meals – he hates them.  He saves meals for family and friends.
  • He shows up on time.
  • Social media works for him. Twitter is his best search engine. He asks questions. He hires people…
  • He sleeps with his baby. Sleeping is important – and you should share it with the people you love
  • He goes to conferences – but says “no” to a lot of them. Saying “no” is a huge part of managing your time.
  • He devotes time to philanthropy – because he enjoys and believes in it.
  • He spends wight weeks sailing – with his family and friends. And he doesn’t pretend that he’s working. But it’s great for problem-solving
  • Oh, and he has a great team.

But it’s not for everyone. You have to be able to delegate – you have to say goodbye to having things done exactly the way you wont them done, and to decision making – but it gives you your time back.

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