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Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

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Why do so many businesses which claim to be social have closed Facebook walls? How many companies use social media as more than a thin layer on top of traditional businesses. Good questions, and Jan Rezab, Co-Founder & CEO, Socialbakers thinks he has some answers – analysis.

Socialbakers – only a 50% response rates to their fans. They knew they needed to make this better. He’s read articles about social media IVR – it’s automating responses. He thinks that isn’t going to work. You can’t automate people and it misses the point of social media.
Industry response ratesThey’ve started ranking companies socially. 70% of fan questions go unresponded. We do marketing to communicate with people, and get interest. And then we ignore the interest. Why?

Their ranking of top social companies actually shows south american companies doing very well. The bottom three? Ebay, Yamaha Motor Indonesia and BlackBerry. Ah, poor RIM.

These leader boards are all available on their site – Socially Devoted – which they’ve just launched at the show. It’s built as a starting point for the industry to start talking about this issue – to get some sees of what the industry benchmarks are for response rates, response times and the like. And in an industry where social media snake oil in is severe danger of drowning the genuine innovators, that conversation needs to happen.

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