Video test: Nokia Lumia 920

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Lumia 920

I have in my possession, for the time being, a Nokia Lumia 920, courtesy of some work I’m doing for Brilliant Noise. It’s a robust, elegant phone, with an interesting OS, and some excellent optics. It’s been interesting pushing myself our of my iPhone comfort zone and trying something different for a while.

One thing I really wanted to do was push its photographic and video capabilities a little. While I was out walking my daughter over the weekend, I grabbed some footage around Shoreham Beach, just to see how the camera performs in video mode. One nice touch that Windows Phone 8 offers is the ability to automatically upload any videos you shoot to SkyDrive, without any manual intervention. That makes my notion reporting workflow pretty simple – both photos and videos are set to upload directly to SkyDrive when the phone’s on WiFi. I have the SkyDrive app on my Mac, so within a few minutes of walking in the front door, I had the files on my computer. I imported them straight into iMovie, and edited them together “as is”, with no exposure changed. I applied a little stabilisation, as it was a cold day and my hand was shaking, but otherwise you’re seeing the footage straight out of the phone:

Lumia 920 Test from Adam Tinworth on Vimeo.


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