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Do digital editions enhance print?

Bundled mags on Newsstand

Don Brown on tablet magazine editions:

Where publishers are seeing interesting stats is with ‘bundled’ subscriptions. What seems to be happening is that the digital version deepens these readers’ relationship with their title. Rather than just reading the magazine in the same way, at the same time, in the same place as they always have with the print version, the digital edition allows for different engagements. We’re not talking here about consumption of different content, but a more frequent interaction with the magazine – it allows a reader to, say, dip in and out of their magazine during the week without having to carry the physical product around every day, or revisit an older issue that wasn’t finished, or even just for subscribers to be able to read the new edition when they’re away from home.

Interesting read, that tallies with my own experiences. Having a magazine sub in both paper and iPad form allows me to switch between the two fluidly – and let go of an unfinished paper edition more easily when the new one arrives.

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