Muting Social Media Week
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Muting Social Media Week

I’ve just used Tweetbot’s muting feature for the very first time:

Muting Social Media Week London

The Social Media Week London hashtag – #smwldn – is banished from my timeline.

Why? Well, there are multiple reasons. As best I can sum them up:

  1. Anything really good said over the week will find its way to me through different channels
  2. I’ve had enough of people retweeting “insightful” snippets shorn of context or meaning for one lifetime, thanks very much
  3. The signal/noise ratio on previous Social Media Weeks has not been in signal’s favour
  4. I’ve been working professionally in the field for eight years now – believe me, we should be well past the point where we’re talking about the tool. It’s the work done by the tool that matters.

Feel free to tell me how wrong I am using the hashtag #smwldn 😉


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