Tintin: the very model of a digital journalist
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Tintin: the very model of a digital journalist

The ideal model of a digital journalist? Tintin:

He’s eternally curious, with an inquiring and investigative mind who seeks out information from every available source. Though his time prevented it, you know that Tintin would have subscribed to thousands of RSS feeds. He understands the value of a community when it comes to sourcing news – Marlinspike Hall was essentially the Twitter of its day. He doesn’t spend every hour of every day in front of a computer – he understands that technology is increasingly portable and many of the necessary tools for research, curation, writing and sharing are available on his phone – so he actively goes out and finds a story. His community is no more than a slide-to-unlock away.

(This post in no way influenced by the similarity between Tintin’s name and my surname…)


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