The Post-Blogging age

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

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Chris Cillizza, commenting on the reaction to Andrew Sullivan’s departure from blogging:

But, again, a blog isn’t any one thing. For me, the idea of a blog — or blogging — that works is reported analysis told through a variety of textual and visual mediums. You could call them — as newspapers tend to do — “analysis” pieces and run them as articles. You could call them — as the graphics world does — data visualizations and run them as infographics. The bigger point is: It’s journalism, on the Web. It doesn’t matter what word you ascribe to it.

His is a pretty smart take on the idea that blogging has evolved towards ubiquity, rather than died away. One could argue, and I’m tempted to do so, that we are in the post-blog age, but not in the sense of blogging having finished, but in the sense that it not longer makes sense to think of it as a separate category.

Blogging is just part of the language of publishing on the web.

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