Can Mark Wright Climb Online? The Apprentice winner quizzed

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

I’m not a reality TV viewer, but the fact that the winner of the last series of The Apprentice claimed to be an SEO and digital expert brought Mark Wright onto my radar – mainly through the mocking he received on Twitter.

Mark Wright, Climb Online

Dan Barker – a bona fide digital expert – has had the opportunity to interview Mark Wright, and it makes for fascinating reading:

  • Mark: “PPC on the other hand you can ask me any question in the whole world and I’ll answer it as well as anyone at Google would.”

Very rudely, I then took the bait & asked him a PPC question:

  • Me: “What does RLSA stand for?”
  • Mark: “Mate I’ve no idea. RSLA…”
  • Me: “RLSA.”
  • Mark: “What does it mean?”
  • Me: “Remarketing Lists for Search Ads”

The line between self-confidence and delusion is ever-so-fine.

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