Pando's nicking my photos again

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Here we go again. In the past I’ve had to call Pando out for reusing my photos without attribution and payment. The last time they ‘fessed up, coughed up and I donated the proceeds to Cancer Research:

I work with PandoDaily on the financial side of the business. I want to apologize for the use of your photos without the proper credit/payment. This was an oversight on the part of our editorial team, and we’re taking steps to insure that this does not continue.

We will be happy to pay you for the use of the 3 photos on the website. We have a standard rate of $50 per photograph, illustration, or other graphic used on the site.

Took months to get the money, though, and much chasing…

More Morin

But they’ve just done it again, with my image of Dave Morin of Path.

Here’s the image on the Pando site:

Pando copyright abuse

Here’s the story nicely surfacing in Google News – with my image:

Pando google news

And here’s my original in my liveblog from 2011:

Dave morin onemanandhisblog

My image. No credit. No payment.

The irony here, of course, is that Pando makes such a thing of their ethical superiority over other outlets. Let those without sin…

UPDATE: Photo changed

No contact from Pando, but all of a sudden, the photo’s changed:

Pando switched

I’ll update this if I hear anything from them.


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