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Apple Watch and long-haul flights

Apple Watch and long-haul flights

One thing that worried… no, “worried” is the wrong word. One thing I was curious about was how the Apple Watch would survive a full day, followed by a long haul flight. And by “long haul” I mean 13 hours in the air. Unlike my phone, I’m not likely to be topping the watch’s battery up through the day, so I suspected it might be DOA in Singapore.

Apple watch after 13 hour flight

And, as you can see above, it wasn’t. Clearly, once the wireless was off, the battery usage dropped dramatically, and so I finished the flight with about the same battery left as I have after the end of a normal working day.

It made it through to bedtime in Singapore that evening. That’s just seven hours less than a full two days. Pretty good for a wearable.

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