Every journalist needs a Plan B
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Every journalist needs a Plan B

Have you prepared your post-journalism back-up plan?

On a day I met with a talented, digital-centric former colleague who has recently been made redundant, this piece by Kevin Anderson strikes a nerve:

Last summer, I noticed that a college classmate had joined a Facebook group called Plan B, a group for “former and current newspaper and video journalism people” looking for a second act, a job match for their transferrable skills, a support group or simply a hedge against the instability in the industry. I joined because I sensed that my job as a regional executive editor wasn’t going to be around much longer, and I knew that I needed to start coming up with my Plan B. I would need my Plan B much sooner than expected.)

Journalism – never the safest of professions – is more volatile than ever. It makes perfect sense to plan to protect yourself a little…


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