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Curbed kicks Movable Type to the kerb

Curbed kicks Movable Type to the kerb

Lockhart Steele:

Saturday afternoon, I wrote a blog post! For anyone who’s checked this space in the past six months, you know that’s a surprising development. But Saturday marked the final day that Curbed would be published on Movable Type, the blog software that Eliot set up for me way back in 2004.

The new Curbed looks rather awesome – I’ve always hoped they’d bring it to the UK eventually – but I can’t help marking the passing of another Movable Type site. That venerable blog platform was the first home of so many great sites, and even though I abandoned it myself, seeing others do so fills me with a certain melancholy.

> [Introducing the New Curbed]( the new Curbed, a letter from Editor-in-Chief Kelsey Keith: by [Curbed]( on Monday, 22 February 2016
Onwards, though. It’ll be interesting watching how Vox Media continues to develop this site.

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