The intimacy of e-mail newsetters
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The intimacy of e-mail newsetters

The intimacy of e-mail newsetters

Interesting history of the email curation platform Revue from its founder Martijn de Kuijper:

Back then I saw the value of the newsletter and I still do. It’s such an intimate way to communicate with people, and so effective at the same time. Hence, I envisioned Revue as more of a network, a place for people to share meaningful content and let their voices be heard rather than just another newsletter service. To this day nothing has changed.

I was using Revue to curate a weekly “links list” for a while – and then I got overwhelmed with work and life. But it was a really pleasure to do. Revue made it easy to save and annotate interesting articles to go into the post.

Now I’m on holiday, I’m planning to get it going again – starting tomorrow morning.

You can sign up here – I promise to respect your time.


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