Oh, happy day. Those of us in the online journalism development business get an annual present a little later than Christmas. January is when Nic Newman’s annual Journalism, Media, and Technology Trends and Predictions report hits.

Today’s the day.

I haven’t had the time to dive into the predictions in depth, for reasons that should be amply obvious from the photo above, but once the little bundle of trouble is in bed, I intend to dive right in.

A few prelimary thoughts from a digital flick-through (can you do digital flick-throughs?):

  • Very interested in the early section about breaking platform dependence — I’ll be close-reading that
  • The section on AI in newsrooms is terra incognita to me. Looking forwards to learning from that
  • Intelligent speakers and the battle for the home might prove to be a little ahead of its time. Unless someone cracks the discoverability problem on speech-based devices, I’m not sure sales will turn into wide-spread use just yet

Plenty more thoughts to come. In the meantime, you can grab your own copy right now.