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iPadOS and Ghost

iPadOS and Ghost

I can finally blog natively in Ghost via Safari on iPads, thanks to changes in iPadOS.

So, here's something stupidly exciting - to me at least. One of the big selling points of iPadOS 13.1 is a "desktop class" web browser on the device. The idea was to enable to relatively small number of web apps that didn't play well with iOS to work beautifully on iPads. Targets included Google Docs and WordPress, but for me, the big test would be Ghost, the CMS behind this site.

I upgraded on Tuesday night, when the upgrade hit and, after a busy day lecturing yesterday, I'm now testing how they work together, by, well, creating this post on my iPad Pro. And so far, it's going well.

Let's add some photos:

So far, so good.

Video killed the embedding star

Now let's try embedding a video:

Well, this is all very encouraging. I've been hoping to move to an iPad Pro for my mobile computing needs, and this is one of the last few things to cross off my list.

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