Engaged Reading Digest: video edition

Five links for those interested in the role of video in digital publishing.

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Propaganda, the algorithmic way

Oh, dear. The intersection of politics and algorithms continues to be cause for concern:

YouTube’s algorithm apparently helped a Chinese propaganda video on Hong Kong go viral
“You can go from more radical video to more radical video,” says Guillaume Chaslot, who runs a YouTube watchdog site. “There’s a rabbit-hole effect.”

AutoReframing in Adobe Premiere Pro

I suspect this tool alone will make Premiere Pro the default tool for anyone editing for multiple channels.

More about the latest release of Adobe's suite:

Launching a New Version of Creative Cloud for a New Era of Creativity | Creative blog by Adobe
Creative Connections

Oh, and livestreaming straight from the apps is coming:

Adobe is Adding Livestreaming to Its Apps So You Can Stream Your Photo Editing Sessions
Adobe showed off a lot of intriguing Adobe Sensei-powered tools and tricks during their annual “Sneaks” presentation, but one feature that’s a bit more

Comparing the iPhone native camera app with FiLMiC Pro

If you're wondering why so many serious video journalism reach straight for FiLMiC Pro when shooting on an iPhone - this should answer your questions:

FiLMiC Pro VS. Native iPhone 11 Camera App
We’re doing a series of videos comparing our favorite video camera app FiLMiC Pro to the native iPhone 11 Pro’s native camera app.

iPhone Cartography

This car video was shot entirely on an iPhone 11 Pro:

Impressive stuff. Here's more on the how and why:

See if an iPhone 11 Pro is good enough to replace a professional video camera
We challenged award-winning filmmakers to shoot a film using only the iPhone 11 Pro.

TikTok competition gets funded

Most "me, too" clones fail, of course. But given the brewing political storm around TikTok, this might be worth paying attention to:

Triller Set On ‘Overtaking TikTok’ With $28M Funding Round, 13M Monthly Users
The music video app has also announced executive changes at the top.
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