Casey Newton's shift to Substack shows how newsletters are changing

On the day he breaks another major Facebook story, Verge tech editor Casey Newton jumps ship for the Substack way

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Casey's path from Verge to Substack.

The media news of the day is about a big name journalist from the digital sector — Casey Newton of Vox Media’s The Verge — is heading off to Substack to launch his new publication. And he’s timed it beautifully for the massive peak of attention he’s generated around a new story about how awful Facebook is. 👌🏻

At some level, it’s a beautiful media moment of the digital age. The first big interview with him is on Medium, of course. He's moving from an online-only pub to his own indie publication. This is the future of journalism developing before our eyes. But aspects of this  should make us nervous, too.

There are four broader points worth examining. Let’s dive in.

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