Why print still matters
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Why print still matters

Even in the digital age, we should value the unique qualities print can offer.
Why print still matters

Kai Branch on the reason he still publishes a magazine in the digital age:

Take newsletters for example: I believe we’re currently in the volatile phase of the hype cycle where everyone – startups, publishers, VCs – is trying to get a slice of the pie. I find this gold rush mentality and the FOMO that comes with it pretty exhausting – even just as a bystander.
The print world serves as a kind of refuge from that feeding frenzy. In a field where success usually means ‘breaking even’, I think what motivates print publishers most is the belief that they have something meaningful to contribute to their chosen niche.

I have, increasingly, taken to reading print magazines again for exactly that reason — including Kai's own excellent magazine, Offscreen.

Which print magazines do you still love?


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