Morning Conference: The Recirculation System

Some useful insights about moving readers around yoru site, another notable Google update, and more…

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

“Recirculation” is the sort of fancy word that most journalists, quite rightly, turn their noses up at. It’s a horrible piece of jargon for a simple idea: getting people to reading more stuff once they arrive at our sites.

However, it remains a significant challenge in many newsrooms. All too often, I come across pieces with not a single internal link or other means of encouraging people to explore what we have to offer. Conversely, sometimes the reverse is true: the page is so plastered with links to newsletters, podcasts and other stories, it looks like the site has no confidence in the actual article people are reading.

Finding a happy medium is critical — especially for membership model sites, which need to push people towards enough of a habit that they’ll convert.

The mobile recirculation challenge

And so, this piece from Chartbeat, is useful stuff, especially in terms of thinking about mobile strategies, rather than desktop ones:

Reader scroll patterns on mobile devices differ from their desktop counterparts — how you show the depth of your content is critical to keeping them engaged in these experiences.

Worth taking some time out with a cup of tea to dig into this and, in particular, to following a lot of the links (which will create recirculation on the Chartbeat site… see how that works? 😜)

Refining your Recirculation strategy for long-term loyalty | Chartbeat Blog
Previously, we addressed the importance of forming a Recirculation strategy and using experimentation to encourage deeper reading, while also outlining the internal barriers that can accompany the audience engagement hurdles...

New Google Update

If you run product reviews, you need to know about this:

Google announces product reviews algorithm update
Google has released a new quality algorithm update that promotes outstanding product reviews.

Reviews are a highly competitive category, but a very search-friendly one. If you’re running them, and especially if you’re using affiliate links as a revenue source, it’s worth watching this.

Jobs Corner

And Finally

This is beautiful, and thought-provoking:

Have a great weekend.

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