Cuttings #2: the social media diaspora

If you think that one site will replace Twitter or Facebook, I have some bad news. That's not the emerging dynamic…

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

There's no post-Twitter panacea, sorry

This is the sort of piece I'm sceptical about: I don't think, right now, that there will be a single “replacement” for Twitter.

The quest for a news platform: Is LinkedIn the panacea after Twitter chaos and Facebook decline?
As the platform formerly known as Twitter becomes increasingly hostile for news organisations to use, journalists are looking for new spaces to share,

X itself will lurch on in diminished form for the foreseeable future, while individual communities will make their new homes elsewhere. For the next few years, I think the days of single platforms where you'll find the majority of people are over, and we're moving into a phase where finding the right people is going to be the right skill. And that applies just as much to journalists working their beat online as to audience people looking for ways of generating traffic.

In short, an interesting piece, but one that's answering the wrong question.

How Pinteresting…

While we're on the subject of social media ideas that people don't talk about enough, Fast Company has two pieces on lifestyle journalism secret weapon: Pinterest:

You can block Google's AI crawler - but not completely

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