The next stage in human evolution?

If we try to merge machine and man, which will have the upper hand?

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Mark C Taylor:

I do not think human beings are the last stage in the evolutionary process. Whatever comes next will be neither simply organic nor simply machinic but will be the result of the increasingly symbiotic relationship between human beings and technology. Bound together as parasite/host, neither people nor technologies can exist apart from the other because they are constitutive prostheses of each other.

Alan Jacobs:

But which one’s the parasite and which the host? Add odd point to be omitted, considering its importance.

Like many people who grew up being frightened by Doctor Who’s Cybermen and Star Trek’s Borg, I’m aware enough of the deeper messages behind those allegorical monsters to be extremely wary of integrating tech into my body.

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Will you use AI to aid human journalists in their research and writing (good)? Or will you turn the journalist into a sub-editor or fact-checker for the AI (bad)?


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