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Tina Barrett and the red dress: Less is, well, less

I'm not sure this counts as dressing up…

Just how long will it be until celebrities start going to premieres stark naked? Take this pic of Tina Barrett, from the S Club movie premiere, published on This Is London.

That lass must be cold.

Update (January 2022):

20 years on, Tina has finally spoken about this:

“To be honest it was like one of those moments that sort of happened so fast because I was thinking "What should I wear? What should I wear? I wanted to go big, I wasn’t planning on going as big as I sort of ended up. I can’t believe people are still talking about it – it’s crazy.”

Read on:

S Club’s Tina Barrett startled by band after wearing iconic dress
Tina, now 45, was just 26-years-old when she appeared in the now infamous ensemble

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