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Bramfield Church Fete

If there’s one tradition worth celebrating in the English village of years gone by, it’s the church fete. All the worthies of the village assemble in one place and sell their old possessions, their crafts and their cakes over the course of a few hours. There’s a tombola, a raffle and any number of games for the kids to enjoy.

I spent a few hours today at Bramfield’s church fete, which was everything you might expect. My Mum and wife worked the china painting stall. I picked up a few books and some old, abandoned photographs and slides. I might even post some of them at some point. Hundreds of people, both villagers and visitors, came and went.

From those few hours of idle country pleasures, many hundreds of pounds found their way into the church coffers. Time well spent.

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Adam Tinworth   Adam Tinworth

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