Observations from the Eurostar

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Things I’ve noticed on my journey:

  1. For some reason, French trees look distinctly French. They’re the same species on the whole, so I suspect it’s just planting patterns.
  2. Eurostar Power SocketI was busy plugging my laptop into the covenient power outlet next to my seat, when it struck me that it was odd to offer just a French socket on a London/Paris train. A little later on, the lady the other side of the aisle from me headed to the bar, and I noticed that the socket on her side was a UK one. A quick scout down the train confirmed it: France and UK sockets alternating. What a strange way of doing it. They clearly don’t assign seats based on where you booked, or I wouldn’t have ended up with a French socket.
  3. There’s so much more countryside in France than the UK. Intellectually, I’ve known that for years, but watching it fly by on the train makes it that much clearer.

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